BAÑOS Y BAÑOS: Singles Going Broke: LP

Kinda sounds like what the late great Brainiac would have sounded like if they were more into old Fang records than Dungeons & Dragons, although sometimes it just sounds like the chords to “Gimme That Girl” by the Devil Dogs and I wonder if I’m just assigning intent where none exists. If I try to aim my analysis in the other direction, I get an art school version of the Pagans ((okay, that’s a stretch, but not wholly invalid)). Mildly weird and darkly artily abrasive throughout, but with a solid enough punk rock type backbone that I never really got the feeling I was listening to random horseshit. Contains the line “three tongues are better than one,” so you know these guys are a lot of fun at parties. BEST SONG: “Dividends.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Swastika Bones” or “Stereonucleosis.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This album purports to be compiled from the Blitz Yonder Broughnut, Boil Yr Bong, and Dividends7-inches, the Steve Hawkwind +1 12”, and the Better Yobbo Bureau 10”. These five records are depicted and discussed in some depth on the back cover; they almost certainly do not exist. 

 –norb (Kunstwaffe)