You have to deal with the fact that the soles of your favorite low top Chucks will eventually blow out. Yes, they were your favorite, the most comfortable thing in your wardrobe, and made you feel like you were earning scads of punk points, but at some point you will have to purchase a new pair. Souveniris an amalgamation of forgettable Unfun-era Jawbreaker wannabe tunes anchored by that familiar Bauermeister bass tone (“Heat Rash,” “Shoreline”). The wind up octaves of the first bridge in “Colfax” are the first things that pique interest. It’s the ninth song. I like Banner Pilot. A lot. But when there are only three songs in slots nine, ten, and eleven of a twelve track album that actually sound on par with the band’s past work… sorry, guys. Pass. 

 –Matt Seward (Fat)