BANNER PILOT: Pass The Poison: CD

Jul 06, 2006

Sounds like the Methadones, or maybe even Sludgeworth. But with vomiting!!! BEST SONG: The presence of “Ever Fallen In Love” kind of can’t be negotiated around. BEST SONG TITLE: “Bender”—i mean, Bender was way cooler than Fry or Leila IMO. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I was just bitching last weekend about bands who put seven or so songs on a CD, my main point being that if bands want their fans to take them seriously (which, shockingly, many do), that kinda works both ways, requiring the bands to take the fans seriously as well, thusly precluding them from recording seven or so songs and attempting to pass it off as an “album” when everyone and their ma knows that an “album” is like twelve or fourteen songs (although it should likely be stated that experience has taught me that seven or so songs is the perfect amount of songs to record at one sitting—any more than that becomes a hideous cattle call; any less than that is not cost effective). Amazingly, i found this seven-or-so-song CD to be almost perfect in length; it pretty much seemed like i got a full dose of the band, yet it was only seventeen-eighteen minutes long. Huh.

 –norb (Arsenic)

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