Apr 05, 2006

I’m still pretty gay for Rivethead even though they broke up. I think they outdid Screeching Weasel at their own pop punk game. Nate, Rivethead’s bassist, and a guy who’s name I just like to say—Ganglehoff—was an incremental part of what made them great. On this demo, Nate’s bass talents are as evident as the difference between shit and chocolate pudding because I like the songs on here and they’ve got a drum machine. No, not a "We’re techno. Start humping the fridge," drum machine, a "Fuck, dude, we can’t find a drummer, but we have all these songs, so hook up the Casio" variety. And the songs are solid, bouncy, forlorn, and full of promise. Reminiscent of Rivethead, but not in a depressing, creepy, get over it way. Cool shit.

 –todd ([email protected])

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