Dec 22, 2009

This is album is in my top three of the year, for sure. Hell, it might be number one. I have the Pass the Poison EP, but somehow managed to miss Resignation Day. Collapser manages to feel comfortably familiar, yet still exciting and fresh. For the uninitiated, Banner Pilot is really gritty pop punk (think gravel vocals, heavy and really busy bass work that’s actually noticeable, tempos that never really dip below fast, and twin guitars that know how to play some excellent minor key stuff against power chords), with a low-key epic quality to it. It’s like every song is somehow the story of your life while it’s playing. Collapser sounds like the album I always hoped None More Black would make. The lyrics are really great too. They have a bit of the Weakerthans’ Great Plains desperation poetry mixed with Lifetime’s direct emotiveness. I would single out some tracks, but they’re all great. Get this, and if you don’t like it… well, much like the Grinch, your heart may be two sizes too small.

 –Adrian (Fat)