BANGS: Call and Response: CD

May 27, 2009

Within a week of moving across the country to California, some friends suggested going to see Toys that Kill play with Bangs in a town about four hours away. No job, no home, and no plans, I thought it was a great idea. To make a long story short, we spent about eighty bucks on gas, had to hitchhike after we ran out, and drive about eight hours one way to get there. Late. Toys that Kill had played all but three songs of their set, so I was pretty pissed. After some performance art (not helping my mood) Bangs took the stage. Two ladies and a guy on drums who are not afraid to rock. They blew me away, even in my salty mood. By the second song, I was up front bopping and dancing my day away. I never picked anything up. I was stupid. This album kicks so hard from the start, slowing for “Kinda Good,” then picking right back up. Their alternating vocals are so, well, true. They don’t sound like they’re trying to be anything, which is a little too common lately. The music is catchy as hell and the lyrics balance smooth and sweet with hollers that make you want to yell along. My only complaint is that it’s only six songs long.

 –megan (Kill Rock Stars)

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