BANGERS AND MASH: As Primitive As Can Be: CD

Sep 09, 2009

This is a highly entertaining and extraordinarily hilarious musical mock-up of 1964 and ‘65-era British beat groups... a true-to-form, tongue-in-cheek tribute to the merry moptopped music-makers of the flashy swingin’ Sixties. The garagey Mersey-style songs contained herein are amusingly adorned with thick (but very obviously fake!) Scouse-tinged vocal inflections and a frolicking rompfest of giddy butt-jigglin’ instrumentation... yeh baby, it’s as if Austin Powers is frenziedly fronting The Rutles at The Cavern Club in British-colonized Hades! If ya really wanna spice-up your next all-night house-bash, pop this groovilicious lil’ platter into the cozy confines of your hi-fi unit, and then feverishly twist and shout the night away with the tastiest lad or bird of your choice. Bloody fab and gear, this one is!

 –guest (British Cooking)