BANG! BANG!: Do You Like It?: CD

Jan 28, 2009

Did you know that back in the ‘70s the Alice Cooper Band were forced at gunpoint by Mick Jagger to write and record an album with the lippy Glimmer Twin? I didn’t either. But here it is. And if one listen isn’t enough to convince you of the verity of this recently come-to-light factoid, then just check out the lead vox on this disc who coyly goes by the moniker “Jack Flash.” Like that isn’t a total give away. But wait a minute... now he sounds like Richard Hell. Man, after that first song I was certain it was Mick Jagger. I guess it doesn’t matter ‘cause I never liked either one of those over-cherished suckwads. So to answer the original question, no, I guess I don’t like it. But the hot blond chick bass player on the other hand...

 –aphid (Heads Up)