BANDITAS: Save the Rats: LP

Jan 11, 2013

Hands down, Save the Rats is the sleeper hit of this review batch. I really wasn’t expecting much, and while the Banditas sound is actually a bit hard to pin down, I do know that I really, really like what I’m hearing. A female three-piece with a sound that’s a wildly successful amalgam of ‘60s pop, garage, country, and even gospel… and it’s coherent. And awesome. Frequently sweet “he done me wrong” songs coupled with a stunning solemnity that really works in their favor—it’s that sense of solemnity, coupled with the simple fact that these people sing really beautifully, that makes this record so rad. “Harmony Glass” is a perfect example of Banditas’ magic: a haunting and spooky reverb-heavy number laden with gorgeous harmonies and a slowly simmering rhythm section culminating a flare-bright ending. While that specific formula doesn’t stay the same throughout the entire record, the effect does. This is a great, great album.

 –keith (Hard To Kill)

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