So the insert to this CD has a picture of some honky in khakis and a safari helmet wielding a huge modern machine gun. There beside him, a missile is imbedded in the ground, then off to the right there’s what appears to be a bunch of African natives with spears. Above all of this is an ambiguous use of a quote by literature’s most famous imperialist Rudyard Kipling from The Jungle Booksabout “Monkey-Folk who live in the trees,” called the Bandar-Log. So what is a socially conscious music reviewer to do? Pick apart all the songs to find out where they might be going with such imagery and figure out if it’s simply culturally insensitive or if they actually might be making a progressive political statement? Probably. But since this is crappy alternative rock, which nobody who found their way into this fanzine would touch with a ten foot pole, I’ll save myself the time.

 –Craven (no info)