BAND OF HORSES: Everything All The Time: CD

Jul 06, 2006

Band Of Horses may not be entirely original and they may not be all together thrilling for most people, but any band that can showcase a wonderful mixture of soul-piercing vocals reminiscent of Brian Wilson meeting up with Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips has got something special going on. The music that backs these fine vocals is a mixture of verdant dream-pop and mopey shoegazer guitar riffs. The band can seemingly go from sounding akin to slowcore band Codeine on one tune and the next moment coming across like Built To Spill or The Shins. It’s a strong blend that works behind the piercing vocals and wistful lyrics of this Seattle duo, comprised of the core of the now defunct band, Carissa’s Wierd. This is great summer music that knows how to properly tread the ground between melancholic and triumphant and does a damn good job doing it. There are pleasant build-ups that are peaked and then find themselves falling back down, but never too far that they’re tragic. The ten songs on this album show Band Of Horses to be a band that is quite capable of handling the dynamics in music that so many bands fail to understand: loud and soft, fast and slow, intense and laid back, etc. At a pace like this, good things can only abound for this duo.

 –kurt (Sub Pop)

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