BANANAS, THE: A Slippery Subject: CD

Sep 18, 2009

The Bananas are sonically similar to a ferociously flamin' firestorm of The Dead Milkmen, Descendents, Doggy Style, Germs, and a psychotically crazed Thelonious Monster... they loudly blend an upbeat and addictive melange of wondrous musical weirdness that's all-at-once melodic, poppy, punky, funky, and pure... spastic, manic, snotty, and chaotically all over the fuckin' place... wildly primal, feverishly unrelenting, and goshdarned energetically frenzied! This is the sort of audial nastiness that should be routinely blasted at daycare centers everywhere, 'cause it's so damn bratty, clownish, and jubilantly hyperactive... yep, it playfully tugs at my inner ears, goofily slaps me upside the head, and then teasingly pulls me back for more. So I recommend this deliciously delightful disc profusely: get "A Slippery Subject" by The Bananas as soon as humanly possible... it'll drive ya ape and make a monkey outta you in no time at all!

 –guest (Plan-It-X)