BAMBOO KIDS, THE: The Way Things Are: EP

Mar 01, 2011

The Bamboo Kids have been at it for close to ten years now, and this new EP of theirs won’t disappoint in the least. Fans of The Lazy Cowgirls, Thunders, Dead Boys, and Dramarama alike will dig on this current release from the ‘Kids, as will those folks who get off on the Ziggy Stardust era of Bowie, and the Exile On Main St. era of the Stones. These may sound like some broad strokes I’m painting, yeah, but keep in mind that this trio is no stranger to laying down some of the catchiest, better East Coast rock’n’roll, as their first two full lengths, The Bamboo Kids and This Ain’t No Revolution have proven in the past. The Way Things Are hints at a bit more maturity this spin around, but in no way gets diluted along the way, or loses any of the bands’ substance, like so many other bands have in the past (and present, unfortunately). Most definitely recommended, and that goes for their entire catalog.

 –dale (

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