BAMBOO KIDS, THE: Safe City Blues: 2 x LP

May 08, 2013

If the Exploding Hearts would have matured along the same trajectory as the Figgs for the last ten years, and somehow bumped into the first Boomtown Rats and Jim Carroll Band albums along the way, when they weren’t sounding like a slightly more housebroken Barreracudas, then saw fit to replicate occasional glimpses of those faux-ass-shaker bands of about ten years ago like the Sick Fits or the Richmond Sluts for levity, garnishing the whole bit with small doses of New York network TV soul a la Springsteen or DeVille, then made a double batch of big vinyl cookies with the results because no single platter could contain all the awesome thus produced, i’m guessing it’d sound a lot like this double album. Wouldn’t you? Look to thy laurels, London Calling! Make way, Zen Arcade! Don’t buy any green bananas, Registrators thing with the big long title! THE BAMBOO KIDS HAVE DONE SOMETHING OF NOTE!!! None can ask fairer than that. BEST SONG: “Batshit Crazy.” BEST SONG TITLE: Curiously, it’s also “Batshit Crazy.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This double album comes with a download code that includes all the songs plus nine bonus tracks! Look to thy laurels, “Dozen Beats Eleven!”

 –norb (Drug Front)