BALZAC: Out of the Grave and into the Dark: CD/DVD

Jun 21, 2007

Here is the second domestic release from Japan’s horror punks. This includes the Came out of the Grave LP that came out last year on the band’s own Diwphalanx label in Japan and G-Force Records out of Germany. Also included are the tracks from the Dark-ism EP that was released earlier this year in Japan. Throw in the bonus track “Gimme Some Truth,” and you get a jammed pack release. But wait, there is more! There is a bonus DVD with three music videos, a short movie, five songs shot from a live performance in Tokyo, and five more songs. What a package! That is even more than was offered in the 2003 domestic release of Beyond the Darkness. So that is a lot of bang for your buck. The way the exchange rate is with the Euro or Yen, you will spending some bucks to get all this stuff. Don’t know who this band is? Well, simply put, this band from Japan are heavily influenced by the Misfits and Samhain. They took what those bands had started and improved upon it. Now they have built a large cult of fans around the world with their brand of horror punk. Their popularity in Japan can be compared to that of AFI in the states. So check out another great band from Japan and see what the excitement is about. If you are hooked, look up Horrorwood Distribution to pick up those Japanese-only releases that will fill up your appetite.

 –don (Misfits)