BALD CACTUS #28: 8 ½” x 5½”, 32 pgs.

Nov 22, 2011

This is the “Class” issue of this long-running U.K. fanzine. Stepping onto obviously well-trodden ground, Bald Cactus tackles the theme well—adeptly working it into the interviews with regional punk bands and a magazine, as well as a centerpiece in which an essay on class precedes thirty-one different answers from various U.K. folks (and one from Portland, OR) to the simple question, “What class do you consider yourself, and is it important?” The multitude of voices chiming in on the topic made a much more productive and stimulatingread than the other road Bald Cactus decidedly sidestepped—a singularly-voiced dogmatic treatise. As for my two cents, I enjoyed comparing how punks in the U.K. think about class with how ours do—often overlapping, but different enough to stoke more thought in me. Solid read. –Dave Brainwreck (Bald Cactus, c/o 145-149 Cardigan Rd., Leeds, LS6 1LJ, UK, [email protected])



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