BAISEBALL: Hot Stuff: 7″ EP

I have no idea what the hell this French squad’s band name is all about—like, are they talking about one of the testicles of the bass player from the Devil Dogs?—and i don’t understand their English lyrics substantially better than when they’re singing en Français—but this band is spring-wound and tight and on their shit, and that’s largely all the lingua franca a sage consumer needs, ain’t it? Tuneful, rockin’ punk shit which gets extra points from me because their Eddie & The Hot Rods cover isn’t the best song on the record. I also think the skull and crossbones on the front cover is actually pretty cool; when’s the last time you heard me say that? I guess adding the sunglasses and the brain helped. Eat shit, Napoleon! Baiseball are storming your Bastille! BEST SONG: “Hot Stuff” BEST SONG TITLE: “We Are The Fame.” Hey, it’s original! FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I think this is the only record i own that’s got a guy wearing a Buzzcocks t-shirt depicted on the label.

 –norb (Stress)