BAG OF GREMLINS: Self-titled: CD

Jul 28, 2014

Bag Of Gremlins are reminiscent of early D.R.I., but with snottier, screamier vocals. For a two-piece (guitar and drums), they accomplish quite a bit, but I suspect that might be the result of this particular genre of punk rock not really needing low-end bassiness to get its point across. Twenty-one tracks in just under nineteen minutes; some songs are S.O.D.-short, but some even get close to the two-minute mark. Lyrically, it’s comprised of rather standard punk rock sensibilities, but with all its screamy goodness and no lyric sheet, that observation is based mostly on the titles. In the end, once could consider this a good example of the genre—whatever the hell we may actually describe that genre as—but I wouldn’t consider it essential listening. It has its time and place, though. My favorite thing about this: instrumentals to open and close the record. I love it when bands do that shit!

 –Eric Carlson (No address listed)