BADNADS, THE: Japanese Bloodbath: 7”

Feb 21, 2008

Brutus-style hardcore with a thick, reddish neck and a fetish for old school wrasslin heels like Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher. Basic no-frills ECW-core that fans of the Bump N’ Uglies and/or Antiseen might enjoy, though I think both those bands do a better job of it. And while I’m on the subject, why is it that all these wrasslin bands kiss the boots of all the same wrestlers? Sure Mick Foley was great back in his hardcore heyday, but I’d like to see some bands lionize some of the more thickly body-haired kookballs like George the Animal Steele and Mad Dog Vachon. Just to spice things up a bit.

 –aphid (Scarey)

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