BADLANDS: So Little: Cassette

Nov 13, 2013

Listen: Imagine yourself lying on a plateau somewhere in the Arizona high desert. You’re alone. The sun is setting in such way that the sky is hued in purples and oranges, like a Moroccan tapestry. If you need a soundtrack to this picture-perfect moment, let it be Badlands’ So Little. Badlands is Adrian Tenney of Spokenest and God Equals Genocide playing an assortment of instruments such as ukulele, Balinese gongs, and piano. Yet, the greatest instrument is Tenney’s voice which she layers with melodic harmonies and otherworldly coos, a languorous quality reminiscent of Mirah and Your Heart Breaks. Tenney’s vocals drip out of the speakers making each song hauntingly dreamlike—ephemeral and succinct—with upbeat pace changes that plunge into subtle variations. Thankfully, Badlands never deviates towards exhausting musical interludes plagued by muddy reverb or indulgent experimentation. Instead, Tenney gracefully sings and strums her nylon guitar allowing the sounds to peacefully exhale.

 –Sean Arenas (Ghostbot, [email protected])