BADAMPS, THE: Two Face: 7” EP

Mar 13, 2007

This band spends most of their promo material worrying about being perceived as sounding too much like the Ramones; i kinda think their lead guitar riffs are quite un-Ramoney (maybe Rudi or someone like that?) so am not sure where all this Ramone-Clone-Guilt is coming from. Fine jumpin’ around music, this. Makes ya realize you weren’t insane to like the Queers at one point in your life. BEST SONG: “Two Face” BEST SONG TITLE: “Milkshake Murder” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: It still amazes me how Harvey “Two-Face” Dent was Billy Dee Williams in the first modern Batman movie and then he miraculously wound up being a white guy in the third one. What the hell, did Billy Dee go the Michael Jackson route or something?

 –norb (It’s Alive)