BAD VIBES, THE: All the Right Ways to do You Wrong: CD

Jun 29, 2007

If it’s true that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then Antiseen should be relieved to know that that isn’t a cancerous polyp up their collective ass, it’s the I’ll-lick-you-clean head of the Bad Vibes. I picture these guys dressing up like Jeff Clayton and video taping each other doing backyard wrestling dives off their parent’s garage onto brown, stained mattresses and hooting like apes. I can’t help but wonder what dear Saint GG would think if he were still here in his stinking flesh, what with all these Confederacy of Scum type bands peeing in his wading pool. But who gives a fuck? Rock’n’roll, from Led Zeppelin to American Idol, is all about flagrantly ripping off all the stuff that’s been done before and pretending that you somehow gave it a new twist. And just how many twists can you give to three chords? This GG meets Jethro Bodine-on-steroids stuff seems to be everywhere these days, but so what. Face it: there’s nothing new under the sun. And as rotten leftovers go, Bad Vibes is good shit.

 –aphid (Steel Cage)