BAD SAMARITANS: Re-gur-gi-tate: CD

Mar 17, 2008

There are two things I learned from listening to this: the first is that I cannot spell Samaritans without the help of a dictionary; the second is that album covers with vomit on them are rarely a good sign. Bad Samaritans lay somewhere between Toxic Narcotic and Poison Idea, leaning more to Poison Idea as time marches on. Though their main musical focus lies on trying to sound like the two aforementioned bands, they manage to rip off other hardcore favorites like Agent Orange’s “Bloodstains” in their song “Ted Offensive,” and Black Flag’s “Damaged” in “Sundance.” I thought they were ripping off a Hanson Brothers’ song too, but that turned out to be a Hanson Brothers cover. As another unrelated thought, when I opened the case, the little clips that held the CD in place were all broken and fell all over my kitchen floor. Something makes me wonder if they did that to all the review copies they sent out.

 –Bryan Static (Nickel And Dime)

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