BAD RELIGION: The Process of Belief: CD

Jan 29, 2009

I must regretfully confess: I haven’t purchased (or even heard) any of Bad Religion’s auditory output since 1996’s The Gray Race. Although it was a fairly robust release, I felt that Mr. Graffin and company were mellowing with age. They just seemed to be lacking the fervent energetic conviction of their earlier releases. But what the hell, we all unfortunately tend to lose our youthful zeal for life the older we become, so I surely cannot judge one of my all-time favorite bands on the merits of nature’s inevitable aging process alone. With that said, my ears are downright tickled delirious by this latest Bad Religion offering of inimitable melodic mastery. As soon as the first addictive track, “Supersonic," frantically kicked into high gear, I was immediately enthralled, enchanted, and delighted by Bad Religion’s splendiferous return to topnotch aural originality. The perfectly crafted songs fluctuate from acoustic-layered maturity to melodiously frenzied kineticism – lyrically articulate, intricately structured, and sporadically raging with all-out passionate fury. Yes, indeed, Bad Religion have aged well and matured gracefully. These impeccably pristine anthems of the 21st century are proof-positive that the ultimate in life’s cultivation often comes with time. –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (Epitaph)

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