BAD RACKETS, THE: Full On Blown Apart: CD

Sep 05, 2006

Here we have thirteen tunes of basic, stripped-down rock’n’roll, kind of stale and derivative at times, but certainly not unsatisfying. Sometimes it sounds as if the Bad Rackets are going through the rock’n’roll motions, so the record can become a bit dull at times. I mean, I have a boatload of records by bands that have this same sound, sing about the same concerns of drinking, girls, and rock’n’roll itself, and employ the same four chords that these guys do. The point is, there’s really nothing about this record that sets it apart from any of those others. I like the record, if only because I go for this type of record, but I can name several without thinking too hard that I would listen to first. If they were either more inept or more polished they might become really interesting, but right now the Bad Rackets are in the middling ground of a bit better than mediocre.

 –Eric Carlson (Mortville)