BAD NOIDS: Everything from Soup to Dessert: LP

Hopping and popping like cockroaches in a frying pan, these boys outta Cleveland give up new and re-recorded tracks from their debut 7”. With crone witch vocals, Noids chew through each cut like cracked out termites foaming at the mouth. Tackling misanthropy, cop killing, and street riots, they clock in at just under twenty minutes. Hardcore asylum punk is the main entrée with noise and a sprinkling of blues on the side. “Lies” and “No One” start off the course with ‘80s U.K.-flavored hardcore played so fast it seemed like a dream. On the flip side, “My Country” brings a bluesy bass line and screeching harmonica to the table, while “Sticks Around” and “Happy Endings” slow down a smidge, taking a melodic lean like Tartar Control or The Shrills. For dessert: an ink and watercolor gatefold of the boys and rabid toasters laying Cleveland to waste. Volatile. Noisy. Speeded out. Recommended.

 –Kristen K. (Self-released)