BAD FUTURE: Golden Age: LP

The fact is that we live in a time where pretty much any band in the world is listenable at the click of a button. The internet changed the way we discover music. Gone are the days of just stumbling on a band and being blown away. Almost. Bad Future is from Seattle. I had never heard of them until I found out they would be opening for the Hex Dispensers on their Washington stop. I hadn’t heard a single note of their music until they played, and when they did I was impressed enough to buy this record. Upon listening to it I was blown away. I haven’t stopped listening to it for weeks now. I remember this feeling from the pre-Bandcamp or Youtube days. No hype or anyone telling me I need to check this out, just hearing it and getting chills. The record has everything that clicks for me. Winding bass parts, quick drum fills thrown in everywhere, weird feedback squeals, simultaneous meticulous hooks and disjointed madness. I can’t get enough. 

 –ty (Bad Future,