BAD FORM, THE: Self-titled: 7" EP

Aug 13, 2009

Picture a hybrid mutant bastard stepchild of Tanner vs. The New Bomb Turks. Tanner, because they’re spazzy, but in that experimental who-done-it way. There’s a large flank of melody and butchering. New Bomb Turks because their shameless embracement of lo-fi, deep fried, and undignified rock’n’roll…. Hey, wait a minute. This little pink pill of vinyl is 33 RPM. What the fuck? Big hole in the pink = either 1.) your mom or 2.) 45 RPM. This is a tad slower than I first gave credit to, so the Tanner-isms become more gravelly and more like the ball-in-dirt vocal dragging of the Laughing Hyenas. So, here’s me wanting something a little more wicked and frenetic. I wish I could play it at 39 RPM (half way between 33 and 45). I’d like the instruments fast as possible and the vocals not to squeak. Needless of my inability to operate my turntable, it’s pretty good. Wonderful packaging. Neon green inside the sleeve, fold-out poster lyrics sheet, the aforementioned blow-up doll colored vinyl, and it comes with an extra spindle for the big 45 hole.

 –todd (Youth Attack)