BAD DOCTORS, THE : Distractions: 12” EP

You might be confused as to what decade it is when you first listen to this record, but do not be alarmed. Grab your smartphone and pull up your legwarmers. You have not been teleported into the ‘80s. Instead, you are appreciating the sonic awesomeness that is the no-wave band The Bad Doctors. Worshipping at the altar of Devo, The Bad Doctors crank out seven of the catchiest songs you’re liable to hear this year. The EP comes out of the gates with the up-tempo title track “Distractions.” It bounces back and forth between up-tempo tracks and more meandering tracks. “Gunpowder (Nicaraguan Feeling)” and “Candy,” were my favorite tracks, though it’s difficult picking favorites on an EP so packed with great music. My only disappointment with this was a lack of lyrics in the album liner notes. That aside, if synth-y no-wave is your thing, definitely check out The Bad Doctors. You won’t be disappointed.

 –Paul J. Comeau (Bad Doctors, [email protected])