BAD DADDIES: Head on a Rail: 7”

This band has a raw freshness to them, though I’m sure they’ve been together for quite a while. They seem to sincerely lack any inhibitions when it comes to trying new things and how they should sound. Vocalist Camylle has totally challenged what I expect to hear from a front woman. The closest comparison that comes to mind is Poly Styrene with her extremely feminine shrieks about being boxed in by society. Bad Daddies’ jam “That Ain’t Right” just builds and builds the entire time, climaxing at the precise point that I feel a panic attack coming on. There’s so much anger, desperation, and a general feeling of being fed up in her voice that invokes anxiety in me until the song bursts and slowly comes back for a quieter refrain. Only bad thing I can say about this record is at the beginning of “I Don’t” there’s a bit of goofing around, prepping to play the song that I don’t feel is relevant to the feeling of the whole record. It lasts for fifteen seconds, just long enough to notice, but short enough that it’s not a deal breaker. This band rocks and is highly recommended. 

 –Kayla Greet (Negative Fun)