BAD CO. PROJECT: Mission Mohawk: CD

Jul 18, 2011

This band has nothing to do with ‘70s supergroup Bad Company, instead being a five piece street punk band from Berlin fronted by Sucker from the band Oxymoron. Very straightforward upper mid-tempo punk with hardcore tendencies. The lyrics are sung in English and cover a lot of themes common to the genre such as punk unity, dangers of drug abuse, having a hardscrabble upbringing, and resisting the state. They are working with a lot of classic and obvious influences from early ‘80s melodic hardcore legends as well as ‘77 punk and plenty of classic oi. My favorite track on the disc is “Borderline,” which shakes things up with a guest female vocalist trading verses with Sucker and an almost gothic post punk vibe. But for the most part, Bad Co. Project plays it a bit safe by sticking to well-traveled paths of street punk and it’s nothing special.

 –Jake Shut (Joe Pogo)

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