BAD BUNNIES: Self-titled: CD-R

Nov 02, 2010

Ian Lambert is a punk rocker with a true heart of gold and the brains behind the Bad Bunnies. Ian works with grade school children (ages eight through ten) in New York and came up with the perfect solution to the vapid, commercial attempts at encouraging kids to appreciate and embrace music: let them write what they want to hear. Ian uses an after-school program as an opportunity to brainstorm with the kids about song topics, lyrics, and also in using their input on the actual songwriting. This CD-R contains three songs with vocals by a class of over twenty students and instrumentation selflessly provided by members of bands such as The Unlovables. It comes as no surprise that the songs are actually very good. They could easily be on a Descendents or Lemuria album. I personally don’t have any children of my own. However, I’ve lived my whole life around them as younger siblings, nieces, and the newest addition to our family: a bouncing baby nephew. So I must say that I wholeheartedly support Ian and the Bad Bunnies both as a punk rocker and as an advocator of children and their involvement in arts and music. A hearty round of high fives to Ian and the Bad Bunnies!

 –Juan Espinosa (Bad Bunnies, [email protected])