BAD BLOOD REVIVAL: Tongue Twisting Tunes for Tiny Tots: LP

Dec 22, 2009

This initially reminded me of Stupid Party, with their stoner and grungy inclinations, yet pretty different because of their seeming penchant for some of the noisier, more abrasive Touch & Go catalog titles (e.g., Jesus Lizard). Then I found out that they toured with Stupid Party recently. It made sense, for sure. Another thing that I think I read (maybe in an interview that Daryl sent me with somebody, maybe somewhere else) BBR was formerly just Bad Blood. I believe that they augmented their name after a line-up change; so if you’ve been keeping an eye out for the Bad Blood full-length, I do believe that this is what you are looking for. And I don’t blame you for keeping an eye out, as it is pretty heavy and intense. Dead Broke has done some decent stuff, but this is one of the more interesting releases I have seen from them, without a doubt. I’m liking it quite a bit.

 –Vincent (Dead Broke)