BAD BLOOD REVIVAL / STUPID PARTY: Double Fantasy: Split 7”

May 03, 2011

Not in recent memory can I think of two bands better fitted to share a slab of vinyl. Stupid Party put out a rather excellent mini LP a couple years back, and BBR put out a fine LP last year. Both were grungy in their own ways: SP had a stoner punk ala Melvins thing going on, while BBR went the noisy and abrasive route. BBR reminded me of SP when I first heard them, and then I found out that they did a tour together. Neither band is a let down on this release—nor offer much of a departure from those efforts—but their LPs, mini or otherwise, are definitely where to start. That said, if you already have those and wonder whether you should get this split, the answer is “yes.”

 –Vincent (Mauled By Tigers, no address)