BAD BEATS: Tough Luck: CD-R

Jan 19, 2016

Bad Beats is the essence of party; party is the essence of Bad Beats. Boil ‘em down, chop ‘em up, swallow ‘em whole, then puke ‘em out and you still have unadulterated fun in its most potent form. Tough Luck takes you to one hell of a sonic kegger: punk moshes into surf which twists into doo-wop and back again. It’s like they harnessed the incongruous DIY aesthetic of Parquet Courts to the brilliant pseudo-simplistic song crafting of Jay Reatard and rode that pony all the way to your local sock hop. So look for Bad Beats on the horizonthey’re bound to charm their way into the hearts of critics and neophytes alike and leave the dance wearing the world’s letterman jacket. 

 –Simone Carter (Self-released,

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