BAD ASSETS: The Spirit of Detroit: CD

Jul 23, 2012

It’s not every day that a new band emerges with Oxblood as its main influence. But that’s easily the best comparison for this hard, super-catchy Detroit oi band. The vocals have that lovable, food-in-the-mouth quality to them that gets me every time. The lyrics take the traditional working class themes found on countless prior oi albums, but with a focus on current economic and social issues, adding genuineness not always found on oi or street punk releases. U.S. oi developed its own hardcore-influenced feel over the years, and Bad Assets borrows from that tradition. The production quality is especially studied, mixed with way less treble than albums from other punk subgenres. Anyone into skin sounds will get super excited by this totally kick ass new group. Bad Assets are anything but bad.

 –Art Ettinger (United Riot,

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