Jan 23, 2008

Mixed gender pop-punk revivalists with a nice smashy drum aesthetic, a rough-around-the-edges guitar sound, and harmonies quite evocative of those Joe Queer + female guest vocalist ((Lisa Marr, Kim Shattuck, et al)) Queers numbers. While it does amuse me that i can oft-times follow up a line to any song hereon with a line from a Queers song and have it fit perfectly ((count how many times you can work the line “I think I’d rather be at home, listening to the Ramones” into “You and Me.” Scary, isn’t it?)), i can’t say that’s a particularly strong selling point. The band’s definitely got enough burger in their buns to shoot for a stretch goal of being the American Yum Yums ((someday)), but, all the same, the next truly GREAT pop-punk band is gonna be the pop-punk band that manages to NOT remind me and everybody else of the ‘90s. Or so one would believe. BEST SONG: “Lucille,” which is not the Little Richard song BEST SONG TITLE: “Lose That Dude” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: You can tell these guys are next-gen because they name drop not only the Ramones ((of course)) but the Groovie Ghoulies as well.

 –norb (Insubordination)