Sep 18, 2009

Backbiter are one of the tightest rock bands out there, and believe it or not, this is only the second CD release the LA-based trio has put out since their first, way back in '93, which was on their own label Blue Man From Uranus. These tracks were culled from demos that have been sittin' around for a while and they document a period when the band was experimenting with keyboards courtesy of Jeff Muendel. The five tracks included are probably the band's best songs from that era and, in their best moments, they bring to mind elements of Deep Purple, MC5 and the Who. They've written lots of great songs since then, though, and they definitely deserve a full length of their own. The heavy stoner rock of Elope balances things out nicely but this release would be worth getting just for the Backbiter stuff.

 –guest (Man's Ruin)