BACHELOR PAD MAGAZINE #11 : 5½” x 8½”, printed, no price listed, 48 pgs.

Nov 30, 2010

Here is a magazine that has absolutely nothing in common with punk rock. Maybe the advertisements for tattoos can be seen as “punkish,” but that’s about it. There are a lot of pictures featuring burlesque dancers and scantily clad pinup girls—but that’s no different than anything featured in Playboy magazine. There are even comics that look like they were right out of the pages of Playboy. One depicts a woman sitting on a man’s lap, admiring a huge diamond ring, where she says, “You’re so right. Size does matter.” Bachelor Pad celebrates an era that I wish was dead—the faux Hawaiian tiki carvings, the faux Hawaiian cocktails, and women dressed as though they’re living in the Eisenhower era being sold as a “smooth” lifestyle. This reminds me of my parents’ old National Geographic magazines, which featured ads for cigarettes boasting of “full-flavored tar.” It sure sounds good, the pictures make them look like they are having a great time, but it’s all bullshit. ([email protected])