BACCHUS: Self-titled: LP

I hear a definite From Ashes Rise influence in this band. But Bacchus is definitely darker, moodier, and heavier. They have tempo changes that turn on a dime, breakdowns (check the switch in “Parasite”—damn good!), and the like. When they slow down a little, the music gets even darker as a result, and it’s this aspect about their music I like most. The speedy parts benefit and have more impact from the set up of the slower pace. The opening to “Itchy Blood” with the guitars playing off each other is my favorite thing on this record. It really creates the mood and pulls you in; cold and brooding, then it picks up to something more bombastic, though not bludgeoning. Drums are beat to hell here, and it sounds great. Fans of this style will not be disappointed.

 –M.Avrg (Distroy, / Contraszt!,