Jul 18, 2014

It’s always a little awkward when I get sent something from Razorcake that involves friends of mine. On one hand a bias exists, but on the other I want to share any awesomeness that is coming from my area of this small world of ours. Fuck it, here goes. Shake! is a cool label in Victoria that is working hard to put out vinyl and cassettes with all kinds of different, fun stuff. This is a split tape between Babysitter and Monster Treasure. My tape player sucks ass so I hope I am talking about the right bands. Babysitter is rocking some fuzzed-out garage-pop steeped heavily in early ‘90s alt rock. Monster Treasure could actually use the exact same description that I just used for Babysitter yet they sound completely different. That’s weird. I like both of these bands. 

 –ty (Shake!)

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