Sep 07, 2010

Babyshaker started out in late 1998 as a glammy, fun, loud guitar-having, party band. Almost twelve years later with the original four members still on board, they have evolved into something darker and heavier with a tender but bruised heart that was previously obscured. The glam rock good times of yore are still in place, but now they’re accompanied by songs that reveal an undercurrent of desperation and sadness. This recording does a great job of capturing their huge live sound. Listening to it with the volume cranked up, I feel like I’m down front at one of their shows. In other words, it does not have the dreaded “studio” feel to it. Their rhythm section has always been spot on, but the biggest change is Dudley’s guitar. It used to be all about power chords rocking out—which it still does do without fail—but now on songs like my favorite one here, “My Karate Is Good Tonight,” his guitar wraps around your head until it’s like a close friend whispering a secret in your ear. The singer sings so plaintively on the choruses that before I know it, I’m completely sucked in.

 –chris (Self-released)