BABY TEARS: Rusty Years: LP

Three songs into this, something sounded off. Suddenly I realized that I just may have been listening to this at the wrong speed. D’oh! At 45 RPM, this record was highly intriguing and came across like a mash-up of the Lost Sounds and Xbxrx. At 33 RPM, which I’m assuming is the intended speed, this sounds more like Francis Harold And The Holograms style noise-punk and, sometimes, like an even more unconventional Birthday Party. The lo-fi recording and the silk screened album cover convince me that this is indeed a DIY product and not just some hipster douche’s self wank fest. It’s an interesting listen, for sure. I just wish it was meant to be played at 45.

 –Juan Espinosa (Rainy Road, Doom Town)