BABY J, (THEE ULTIMATE): Looking for a Sign: 7”

Nov 15, 2011

I’d love to review this record without bringing Todd C into it, but he did record it, mix it, and play instruments on it, so I won’t. Hope she won’t mind the comparison, but I’ve always felt Baby J could be Todd’s opposite sexed alter ego. In fact, the first time I put on a Stoned At Heart (the band Baby J and Todd are in together) record, my wife asked me if this was the new Underground Railroad To Candyland record. That made sense to me. Okay, enough already! This record is fucking fantastic. The first few songs sound like really great, stripped-down Stoned At Heart songs, while the rest are a bit softer and laid back. If you’re a fan of any of the recent Recess Records output (how could you not be?!?) as well as the likes of Kimya Dawson, then this is your new favorite record. Get it!

 –Chris Mason (Water Under The Bridge)