BABY GHOSTS: Ghost in a Vacuum: 7”

Sep 18, 2013

I love Slurpees. When I go running, I pass the 7-Eleven on my route and sometimes I get so obsessed with the thought of a Slurpee that when I make it home, I change out of my track suit into something with pockets, grab my wallet, and ride my bike back to 7-Eleven to get one. I’ve been known to pass a couple 7-Elevens on a long, drunken bike ride from downtown and buying a Slurpee at each one. I like the extra-large Slurpees, but sometimes all that syrup gives me a stomachache sitting in my guts in a painful indigestible glob. I stick to a medium Slurpee these days. So it is with much regret I can say I have an understanding of sugar overkill. I got a Baby Ghosts CD a while back to review and it was just that—sweet, cute over-saturation. This time I got a 7” and I have to say they’re a lot better in moderation. It’s easier to digest their girl-harmonizing, lollipop pop songs on a four-song 7” without feeling like it’s overload, but when it really comes down to it, times are hard and I want more than cute.

 –Craven Rock (Drunken Sailor)