B-MOVIE RATS: Rock ‘N’ Roll Queen: 10” EP

Jan 30, 2003

Ah, L.A.’s B-Movie Rats. This EP has grown on me like Aleister Crowley on Jimmy Page because it sounds like the guys have taken a detour from the beaten path of the frenzied high-speed punk and roll and leaned toward a more serious rock tone on the studio reels for this here resulting EP. Within the grooves here there’s sonic nods to vintage KISS (1978 and prior), the early ‘70s drugged-up raunch of Aerosmith, Bon Scott-era AC/DC, and even some squeal-like-a-pig-boy guitar thunder of the MC5 and Humble Pie. Quite the right set of influences, especially to help win me over with a record such as this. But then again, the ‘Rats never fail to deliver, whether it be any other of their releases, or catching them live to wreck your hearing, complete with that barefooted-onstage-thinks-he’s-Ronnie-Van-Zant-sleeveless-shirt-wearing motherfucker Derek belting it out for all he’s worth (Hey, Curt – keep his ass in line, for fuck’s sake!) And, yes – you need to hear this. What’s that? You haven’t picked this 10” up yet? The fuck are you doing? Burning holes in yer pockets on LPs from The Dragons? You are? How dare you! Best get your shit together, or I’m sending over Julie D. to butterfly-smack your lame ass, you C.S.M.F.

 –dale (www.thebmovierats.com)

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