B-LINES: Opening Band: LP

When I saw this in my review pile I got really excited. A few years ago I saw these guys play a house show in Seattle on the last night of their tour from Vancouver. They fucking rocked. I bought their self-titled record and never heard from them again till now. B-Lines are a snotty, trashy, lo-fi, power pop punk rock’n’roll mixture. Songs are fast and straight to the point with a ton of energy on every track. Lots of attitude and confidence in the vocals, especially in the title track of the record, dissing on opening bands that just don’t try. I really love the lyric: “cus being embarrassing is more appealing / than lying at home in bed and staring at my ceiling,” from the same track. The ending of the record is these four Canadians freaking out on each of their respective instruments. Great, spastic garage rock in the same vain as stuff found on Burger Records. Here’s hoping they get out on tour again soon! 

 –Kayla Greet (Hockey Dad / Nominal)