AYBAT HALLAR: Something Nice: CD

Jul 23, 2012

This is brilliant in that each song is incrementally worse than the one before. The first and best, “Half Alive,” is a rocking number about zombie sex featuring some bizarre demon-possessed vocals. The next couple can accurately be described as good. Then the tunes dip into acceptable range before plunging into cracking vocals, out-of-sync instruments, ballads about being a superhero and going back in time to win over an ex-lover, and choruses of “Fuck the people.” If you can make it to the last song, the inappropriately titled “Something Nice,” in which the band seems unaware of the difference between vampires and zombies and throws in a weird bouncy pseudo ska rhythm to accompany endless repetitions of the “You’re so young and fresh” chorus—and you’re not undead yourself; you have passed one hell of an endurance test.

 –mp (OSK, oskrecords.com / Rumble Fish, rumblefish.ru)

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