Both of these bands would have been perfect for early-‘90s Epitaph (especially pre-explosion Rancid), and I mean that in a good way, since there seems to be a dearth of non-parrot punk bands who hold older ideals nowadays. (Fashion’s fine, but fashion > heart + talent = nope.) Axes of Evil: Metal-tinged, full-throttle, mindful punk in the spirit of Today’s Empires…-era Propaghandi. Hollowpoints: Lead by a voice as ragged as a tattered flag, they’re a serious-politics, serious-partying punk. In a perfect world, these guys would be as big as Anti-Flag and have their patches on as many assflaps as the Casualties. Both these bands remind me of others who played in this general vein that never got their due, but I still regularly play, like Space Cookie and Mea Culpa.

 –todd (New Regard Media)