AWFUL MAN: Waiting for the Tanks to Come Rolling in: 7”EP

Just like the artwork, Awful Man is a sloppy, exuberant collage of music that’s also reflected in the accompanying zine/lyrics sheet: Propagandhi, Cometbus, GC5, Cleveland Bound, Crass all cross borders and overlap and glue and pull at the corners and warp. With ultra-high self awareness as a person, as a member of a band, of a person in a conflicted society, Awful Man also has some of the punk-smartest/punk-funniest/punk-saddest lyrics I’ve read in quite some time. “Fuck, man, what’s it all about? Is it just dumb fucks playing in basements? Are our lives completely controlled? Are these just costumes to a play that’ll never have a dress rehearsal?”—those types of things that keep paying-attention, angry-but-pragmatic punks honest and on their toes. Great stuff.

 –todd (Dead Broke / It’s Not A Phase Dad / Awful Man)